Buying a Home

What are the Two Most Important Questions?

What Can You Expect?

Here is a “play-by-play” of how a typical mortgage application and approval process works.

Our team has closed thousands of purchases.  The key to a smooth transaction is organization and communication.  We help each of our clients to be well prepared, to gather the necessary documentation, and to understand the mortgage application process.

Please contact us to better understand the buying mortgage process.

Down Payment Requirements


What is PMI?

Our Helpful Purchase Mortgage Document Checklist

To better serve you and to give you more accurate information, below are the typical documents that we would like to review:

Today’s mortgage guidelines require all lenders to verify the identity, income, and sources of cash used in home financing.  We will explain what is needed to make sure you understand the process.  Helping Hands is ready to help you navigate through every step of the mortgage process.