K.E.Y.S.™ to Homeownership Program

(Know Exactly Your Steps)

It’s about time

We are your community based mortgage company. Our mission is to educate home buyers and help arrange mortgage financing. Our K.E.Y.S.™ to Homeownership program stands for Know Exactly Your Steps to Homeownership.

The K.E.Y.S.™ program is a personalized assessment; a non-confrontational way for you to detail the steps you need to follow to reach your goal of homeownership. We are experienced licensed loan officers and will work with you to develop a customized plan for success. Let us help guide you through the process.

As a self-funded non-profit, Helping Hands’ K.E.Y.S.™ to Homeownership program is offered to you at no charge. All we ask of you is to bring a desire to become a successful homeowner. We will provide the rest.

We are available:

  • 3pm to 6pm every Tuesday at our World Headquarters located at 421 Elmwood Avenue in Providence.

No appointment is necessary, just stop by for a hotdog and a drink. We can also schedule individual appointments for your convenience. Give us a call!

Let’s work together to make your dream of homeownership a reality.

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