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Helping Hands is your local nonprofit mortgage and community redevelopment company.

Welcome to our mortgage services.

Regardless if you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, we take the stress out of the mortgage process by making things easy and educating you through the process.

Lending guidelines are constantly changing. Our dedicated professionals have decades of experience working with every type of borrower situation. Whether you are looking for an FHA, Conventional, VA loan, or other, we will structure the optimum financing scenario for your personal goals.

Helping Hands Community Partners, Inc.’s mission is to educate people about homeownership, and when appropriate, arrange to finance for purchase, refinance, and reverse mortgage loans.

"Everyone's situation is unique. We will design a custom roadmap for your path to successful homeownership!" 

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At Helping Hands Community Partners, our mission is to strengthen our communities through homeownership and housing redevelopment.

We rehab abandoned properties that have been a sore eye on the community and sell them below market value.

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K.E.Y.S. Program


"You guys absolutely crushed it on this... can't thank you enough... you already had me as a client for life but this is just above and beyond... global pandemic and a 26 day close on a 680k loan... pretty impressive... just awesome. "

- Justin, RI- Justin, RI

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RI Licensing Exempt, NMLS #1553939. We arrange but do not make mortgage loans.

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