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Helping Hands Community Partners, Inc.

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation
Our Mission

The mission of Helping Hands Community Partners is to educate people about home ownership, and when appropriate, arrange financing for purchase, refinance, and reverse mortgage loans.

“We strive to improve the quality of life through responsible financing.”

We also actively work with government agencies and banks to accept properties in need of renovation.  Using local labor, we convert those properties to be sold at below market prices.

“We’re improving communities one family at a time.”

Our History

Formed in 2012, Helping Hands has successfully been renovating neighborhoods and educating people about different homeownership options.  We found a recurring problem for our clients – they needed better information about the purchase, refinance, and reverse mortgage loan process.

In 2017, Helping Hands was excited to expand its mission statement to include the ability, when appropriate, to arrange mortgage financing for prospective borrowers.  The response has been incredible.

Our culture of a Giver’s Mindset™ has been more than well received and is attracting experienced trustworthy industry professionals to join our team, where one is not just working but helping individual homeowners and the community.  Please keep Helping Hands in mind for any real estate agents and loan officers who have a Giver’s Mindset™.  We’d enjoy the opportunity to talk with them to join our Team.


We believe in a GIVER’S MINDSET™.  We view ourselves as educators and strive to give each person the information and guidance necessary to help them achieve their homeownership goals.

A GIVER’S MINDEST™ is about INTENTWe’re honored to help our clients.    Everyone on our team focuses on how to educate and assist our clients before, during, and after the home financing process to achieve their goals.  It’s an attitude of gratitude.

A GIVER’S MINDSET™ is about TRUSTWe will always do what’s best for you.  For us, trust equals character plus competence.  We have the highest ethical standards combined with industry leading experience and success.

A GIVER’S MINDSET™ is about IMPROVINGMany people are afraid of change.  We embrace it.  We constantly invest in training, technology, systems, and loan products.  But more importantly is our culture of extending a helping hand to others.  We consciously strive to improve our clients’ situations as well as the people and organizations we work with.

A GIVER’S MINDSET™ is about JOYWe receive a profound feeling of satisfaction and happiness when we help our clients achieve their goals of homeownership.  Purchasing or refinancing a home or obtaining a reverse mortgage should be joyful not stressful.

“It’s better to give than receive.”

A GIVER’S MINDSET™ is about LEGACYWe understand that the consequences of our services will impact not only you today but also your family’s story into the future.  The financial ruin and emotional pain from the great recession and mortgage meltdown must never happen again.  The best protection is to become fully educated.

“We know that what we do matters greatly in the lives of our clients.”

Our Vision

To work with likeminded people and organizations to champion our communities one family at a time.

“Expect great things to happen and they will.”
Alain Valles


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RI Licensing Exempt, NMLS #1553939. We arrange but do not make mortgage loans.

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